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There comes a time when you are searching for snacks that are not overly sweet. At The Wholesale Candy Shop, we offer a wide selection of fruity snacks or salty treats that will work in between meals without guilt. All of our wholesale snacks are top quality products from names that you trust. Our prices and selection cannot be beat.

Cereal Snacks & More at The Wholesale Candy Shop

You may not always have time for breakfast but still want something to start the morning off right. We offer a variety of cereal snacks including PopTart pastries in numerous flavor choices, which contain multiple vitamins and minerals. We also offer PowerBars that deliver energy to get you through the day. For a sweet afternoon treat, choose a box of our fruit snacks from Welch's. Pouches come in berry or mixed fruit options. When you desire crunchier or more savory foods, select one of our salty snacks. We have a variety of Keebler Club crackers, Planter's Peanuts, Combos, or Slim Jims.

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Welch's Fruit Snacks Welch's Fruit Snacks - 16/box

Buy Welch’s Fruit Snacks Wholesale

Known for their great taste and quality, Welch's Fruit Snacks are a popular snack choice and candy alternative for kids and adults everywhere. Each box contains 16 2.5-oz snack packs, and you can choose from a variety of three delicious flavors that are made with real fruit. With our discount wholesale prices, save big when you buy Welch's Fruit Snacks in bulk.

The Wholesale Candy Shop is one of the most popular online destinations for finding great deals on candy and snacks from the companies you love. Whether you are purchasing for yourself or your business, our low prices allow you to save more when buying more.

Our Price: $9.45

Kind Bar - Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew - 12/box Kind Bar - Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew - 12/box

Gooey and delicious with bing cherries, whole cashews and almonds drizzled in dark chocolate for that perfect snack fix no matter where your day takes you.

Our Price: $20.35
Sale Price: $18.31
Savings: $2.04
Kind Bar - Caramel Almond & Sea Salt 12/box Kind Bar - Caramel Almond & Sea Salt 12/box

Sounds like it belongs on the treat list along with other salted caramel
indulgences, and with one bite you'll swear it should. But don't let
your taste buds fool you: each bar contains 5g of sugar and is packed
with nutritionally dense nuts.

Our Price: $20.35
Sale Price: $18.32
Savings: $2.03
Kind Bar - Cranberry Almond 12/box Kind Bar - Cranberry Almond 12/box

With rich antioxidants, cranberries and almond this makes the perfect gluten free snack!

Our Price: $20.35
Kind Bar - Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt 12/box Kind Bar - Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt 12/box

Sweet cravings ✔ salty cravings ✔ healthy cravings ✔. Our best-selling
bar is a simple blend of Brazilian sea salt sprinkled over whole nuts
and drizzled with dark chocolate.

Our Price: $20.35
Kind Bar - Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate 12/box Kind Bar - Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate 12/box

Guilty of grabbing a spoon and eating peanut butter straight out of the jar? We certainly are - which is why we created this nut bar coated in roasted peanut butter and smothered in dark chocolate.

Our Price: $20.35
5 Hour Energy - 12/box 5 Hour Energy - 12/box

Until afternoon naps become an accepted part of the work day you may need a little help staying sharp and alert. Coffee and soda help a little, but how long do they last before you�re back for more? But with a 5-hour ENERGY� shot you can leave grogginess behind and sail through your day

Our Price: $25.99
Slim Jim Giant 24/box Slim Jim Giant 24/box

Snap into a Slim Jim!! Available in 6 mouth watering flavors!

24-0.97 oz meat snacks per box

Our Price: $26.92