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Nerds Rope - 24/box Nerds Rope - 24/box
Our Price: $30.99

Wax Lips - 24/Box Wax Lips - 24/Box
Our Price: $30.98

Whirly Pops 1.5oz - 60/box Whirly Pops 1.5oz - 60/box
Our Price: $112.88

Orbit - 12/box Orbit - 12/box
Our Price: $15.98


Bulk Candy Online

Life is full of hectic schedules and demanding responsibilities, and we all deserve to be able to stop and enjoy the little moments that count. Sometimes, everyone needs a candy break, and we have the variety to meet your needs. When you buy wholesale chocolates, you have access to deals that are nearly impossible to find at retail stores with a quality you can appreciate. Our weekly deals allow you to enjoy a moment of sweetness for minimal cost while trying something new.

When you browse our extensive inventory, you will quickly understand that we have developed relationships with a variety of popular companies, and you will find just about anything your sweet tooth may be craving. When you buy bulk chocolate, the savings are exponential. Whether you are looking for dark chocolate or perhaps a novelty item that you enjoyed as a kid but just can't seem to find for sale, our website is easy to navigate. Buying bulk candy online makes the process easier than ever. With just a quick search, you can order chocolates online in minutes.

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Competitive Pricing

Whether you’re purchasing candy for your retail location or you’re looking for a great deal on a bulk candy pack for personal enjoyment, you naturally want the most bang for your buck. The Wholesale Candy Shop is pleased to offer not only a wide variety of current favorites and classic candies to please every palate, but also competitive rates that make every purchase even sweeter.

Our vast selection, including candy bars, boxed chocolates, hard candy, gum, gummies, mints, bag candy, lollipops, concessions, and more, is priced to offer the greatest value. You need never pay full retail price when you buy from The Wholesale Candy Shop. Every wholesale candy value pack is priced to please, and you’ll have no trouble finding exactly what you want with our easy and intuitive online store.

Speedy Delivery

We live in an era of unparalleled instant gratification, which has raised expectations concerning how quickly online orders are delivered. We understand completely that when you order a bulk value candy pack, you want it to arrive as quickly as possible so you can satisfy your sweet tooth or meet the demands of retail customers. This is why we’re pleased to offer easy ordering and speedy delivery for every bulk and wholesale candy pack ordered, so you can receive the quality candy you crave in the blink of an eye.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our reputation is built on providing the high level of service and support every consumer deserves. For decades, we’ve proudly delivered exceptional value and service to local customers, and we’re pleased to extend the same consideration to online customers across the country.

When you order a variety candy value pack from The Wholesale Candy Shop, you get so much more than delectable treats at competitive rates. The value you gain includes a commitment to customer satisfaction.

We address your questions or concerns expediently and if there’s a problem with your order, we’ll make it right. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we show our gratitude by offering incomparable value and the superior support services you expect.

Family Owned and Operated

For over forty years, our family owned and operated business has taken great pride in offering exceptional value and outstanding customer service, not to mention a vast selection of quality wholesale candy that consumers love. We started out serving local customers in upstate New York, but we’ve since expanded our operations to deliver incredible value and competitive pricing to customers on a nationwide scale.

Bulk Variety Candy to Suit Every Sweet Tooth

There’s nothing like watching the wonder bloom on children’s faces when they see the rainbow swirl of a lollipop, or enjoying the smiles of delight when they bite into a mouthwatering chocolate bar.  As an adult, you may have lost your childish innocence, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be transported right back to the carefree days of childhood when you munch on your favorite candy bar or sift through a bag of Jolly Ranchers in search of your favorite fruit flavor.

With every wholesale candy value pack you purchase from the confection connoisseurs at The Wholesale Candy Shop, you’ll regain a little slice of your childhood to treasure once again, at eminently affordable rates.  Or maybe you’ll surprise yourself with a new fave.  We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding selection of candy types to suit every sweet tooth, whether you’re nine or ninety.  Here are a few sure to catch your fancy.

Boxed Chocolates

Nothing expresses love or sympathy better than boxed chocolates.  Whether you’re sending them to a loved one, celebrating a special occasion, or soothing a broken heart, a box of assorted chocolates is the tasty treasure hunt everyone will be eager to participate in.  Whether you pop them in your mouth whole or take a bite before sharing each sweet with your sweetheart, you’re sure to enjoy both excitement and joy when you order delectable boxed chocolates.

Bulk Bagged Candy

Whether you’re interested in one specific flavor or you prefer the grab-bag of a variety candy value pack, The Wholesale Candy Shop has the budget-conscious options that will please both your mouth and your wallet.  Our bulk bagged candy includes favorites like M&Ms, Twizzlers, Sour Patch, Hershey’s Miniatures, Werther’s Originals, Trolli gummy candies, and more, delivering the mouthwatering classics you love at a price you won’t believe.

Wrapped Candy

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to buy bags or buckets of your favorite wrapped candies, from Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and snack size Kit Kats, to Hershey’s variety packs, to boxes of old-timey Ice Cubes, to nearly every flavor of Frooties known to man.  Each bulk candy pack is perfect for tossing in a candy dish to entertain guests, setting on a desk at your office to invite interactions with coworkers, or tossing in your bag for a sweet snack on the go or during a movie.

Unwrapped Candy

Okay, you can’t toss unwrapped candy in your purse or pocket, but your mega bag of M&Ms, Swedish Fish, Runts, or Rock Candy is ideal when you want just a taste of heavenly nectar to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Whether you eat your candy by the handful or you simply want to add a cornucopia of colorful candies in glass dishes to a sweet bar for your next party, unwrapped candy is the solution to your confectionary conundrum.

Candy Bars

Why waste money on impulse buys at the grocery check-out line or theater concessions when you can get the candy bars you love in bulk for a fraction of the cost?  Do you love ooey-gooey Caramello bars?  When you order them in bulk from The Wholesale Candy Shop, they’ll cost you less than a dollar a piece.  The same goes for perennial faves like Hershey’s or Nestle’s Crunch bars, Twix, Starburst, packs of M&Ms or Skittles, and more.  You can even choose bulk variety candy packs featuring an assortment of full size or fun size faves to change up your daily indulgence.

Gum and Mints

Fresh breath is an essential part of polite socialization, and you’ll never have to worry about offending when you stock up on a wholesale candy pack of your favorite gum or mints.  Keep Lifesavers, Altoids, Starlight Mints, Tic Tacs, and more stashed in your pockets, purses, and desk drawers so you always have a refresher on hand, and keep packs of Wrigley’s, Orbit, and Trident gum to not only sweeten your breath, but attack stuck-on food when you don’t have time to brush.

Gummy Candy

What makes gummy candy so appealing?  Is it the pillow-soft mouth feel or the burst of flavor when you bite into it?  Maybe it’s the technicolor hues or that extra dusting of texture on the sour stuff.  Truly, it defies explanation, but that won’t stop you from enjoying the total satisfaction of chewing your way through a bag or box of Jujyfruits, Swedish Fish, or Haribo Gummi Bears with utter abandon.

Novelty Candy

Jawbreakers.  Twirly Pops.  Red Hots.  Fun Dip.  What do these disparate desserts have in common?  All of them are novelty candies you’ve loved since childhood.  Whether you like to suck on Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks, get silly pulling on Laffy Taffy, prove your mental mettle by munching Smarties, or enjoy the best of both worlds with Razzles that transform from candy to gum, you’ll find confection perfection with the novelty candy from The Wholesale Candy Shop.

Holiday Candy

Every bulk value candy pack is best when shared, and there’s no better time to spread joy than during the holidays.  Forget about fancy gifts that people probably don’t want anyway.  Instead, shop smart and offer the pure delight of a timeless holiday tradition with sweet treats sure to please everyone.